If you would like to go on a vacation, but you are afraid that you cannot afford it, then Budapest is one of the best destinations for you. It does not only have plenty of airlines coming here, but it is full of cheap accommodation, as well.

The reason for visiting is versatile: business, culture, history, spa tourism – and a several decade old fashion of dental tourism, hair transplantation and plastic surgery.

If you like cheap places to stay, but hostels are not for you, Budapest is a city where you can also stay at an apartment for the entire holiday. These are all renovated, most of them even have WiFi, the only problem is that you need to clean after yourself. But as some of them even look nicer than a hotel, it is worth the effort.

These prices start from 13 euros a night, and there is usually no need to pay for transport or anything else, since they are in the central area of Budapest. Still, you might want to opt for a slightly less comfortable, but cheaper accommodation in a hostel, which cost between 6 and 23 euros a night. They might be small and slightly crowded, but they do not look like old communist buildings anymore.

And as for coming here, if you do not want to risk an accident while driving, or if you hate taking the bus or train, then you probably choose the fastest – and recently, the cheapest – way of traveling, that is plane.

Luckily, the budget airlines have flights to Budapest from all over Europe, it does not matter if you take Ryanair, Wizzair, Easyjet, Brussels Airlines, German Wings or TUIFly, since all of them have realized how important a destination Budapest is for tourists. So, if you decide to see such a versatile city, then it is time to find a flight and a place to stay, before all of them are booked!